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Paper Valentine


There's nothing better than a good love story to warm your heart...

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Re: Paper Valentine

Great visuals and a funny punch-line! A perfect short brickfilm.
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Re: Paper Valentine

liked it mini/wink

Re: Paper Valentine

I liked it. The animation of the poster flying in the wind was done well.

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I really, really like the glittering lights in the background! How did you do that?

Very nice animation rio!

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Re: Paper Valentine

I thought that was pretty good (really nice animating!) The only thing that could have made it better would be if you had slightly charred the torn-up paper at the end with a lighter or something (very carefully, of course! mini/wink  ) to give it more of a burnt look.

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Re: Paper Valentine

Woah dude, sweet! Very simple and hilarious, just perfect!:)

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Verygood Job ! You have a beautiful animation ! mini/bigsmile Il love the "colors" of your Brickfilm !

But just one question... What is this :


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Re: Paper Valentine

^^^ Sorry but with the switch of tone and lighting paired with stylised close ups of his face I became prepared for the sausage to be uh representative of something else. I think this build-up is what cracked me up the most. Animation and the like were pretty nice otherwise.