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THAC: He Had No New Years Resolutions

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Yeah, he didn't. Then his friend decided to play a prank on him. Or was it really a prank, or did he really mean it?

We'll never know.

This was filmed in 24 hours for the Bricks In Motion THAC (Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest) on Jan 3-Jan 4. The theme was "A Fresh Start" and the mod elements were the letter N or the color blue on a color black.

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Nice film Tenny.

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Alrighty, The film overall was fairly solid from a viewers prospective. The animation for the walk cycle was a tad choppy and I noticed a few bumps here and there which are expected during thac but could be avoided if you are careful enough. On the outside set I feel the background could have been more instead of just a blue paper and seemingly sudden ending to the lawn, a good way to do this is add another baseplate and some trees to add depth to the background as long as it is out of focus. The set design was alright but I suggest you go onto places like flickr and look into their lego pools for inspiration on ways of adding depth to a set for example making the lawn a bit more uneven, having some parts stick out and others fade into the background. Inside maybe add a painting or window to break the harsh flat wall color in the shots adding something visually appealing.

Overall good job and for those whom don't want to read the wall of text I wrote:

• Work on making walking animation more smooth.
• Add some detail or something visually appealing to the sky background.
• Extend the lawn and have a shorter focus for it so that there is no noticeable sudden stop to it.
• Work on adding depth to the sets.
• Add windows or paintings to the house walls to break the harsh color/very flat look the walls bring.

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I don't have enough green baseplates for that or enough desk space. The interior set is an old set that I kept built until just recently. I have actually been looking through the sets and props critique thread for inspiration on a new interior set. Don't worry about the walls being too boring in the new set. I have recently bought some new LEGO Sets from the Creator theme that include windows and doors.

Also I never actually noticed any camera bumps until after making the video public on Youtube. For that I don't know how to avoid doing that since using a tripod made it worse on my carpet. I'm guessing I need a sturdier desk.

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Like I commented on YouTube, I enjoyed it. The jokes and voice acting were good. Paradox are mind-blowing, aren't they. mini/tongue

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Eh. The "lolwut humor" caught me off-guard. However, the animation was a little on the choppy side. Nice job, on the whole.

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