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A THAC XII entry.

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Nice job. I like the reactions of the minifigs on the conveyer belt. I am not sure what happened at the ending. Did he get shot? I am un-sure about that.

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I don't really understand this film either, to be honest mini/shifty
(Staying awake 24 hours was quite mind altering for me, if that is any explanation)

Here's a deeper explanation for the film:

Spoiler (click to read)

This film is a metaphor; the populace is waiting in line to have a machine give them the same features. The protagonist has wound up with these people without much thought. But now he realizes he doesn't want to be the same as everyone else, and decides to escape. He flashes onto a city sidewalk, in front of a television store. The television was supposed to represent a force that gave everyone the same opinions. Thus, the television store and the conveyor belt room are really the same thing. The protagonist has the freedom of not being a part of the collective, and is free again.

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I got it Indy. Nice film!

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