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What's fresher than a cold glass of lemonade!? Made for THAC XII.

Re: [THAC XII] Fresh Lemonade!

Oh, my, oh my, oh my, that was great. Poor guy doesn't know how to reply to anything, but when he does learn, well, I'll not spoil it for anyone. I am just wondering, why is the guy in the suit treating a lemonade stand like it's a big business operation? mini/lol I like it. The clouds on the baseplate sky look great, and the printed buildings are unique. I especially like the camera angle where it follows people's steps.

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Re: [THAC XII] Fresh Lemonade!

Lmao this was seriously great.. I loved the last part tho.. awesome work!

Great set design, love the mix of character and the questions.

But the last part tho, as Rioforce said.. really made the film mini/smile


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Re: [THAC XII] Fresh Lemonade!

Sorry, I just can't quite appreciate this as much as others. I have heard (and told) this joke a lot, so it was not really a fresh (start) joke for me. Otherwise, the picture quality is nice, and the animation isn't bad (a bit choppy in parts). Some of the dialogue didn't feel very natural - nothing too bad, just something to watch out for when recording lines. It's a fun film overall, and you applied the joke well. mini/wink