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Wormhole in the Iced Tea Cafe


Weirdness that disregards the laws of physics.

Re: Wormhole in the Iced Tea Cafe

Loved the concept for this film, quite creative and kept my interest throughout the entire thing. The wormhole animation and effects really did work well when coupled with the sound design. The opening shot was cool, the lighting really gave it depth and life.

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Re: Wormhole in the Iced Tea Cafe

Nice work. I liked the intro and the wormhole part, but the whole effect thing got out of hand and looked kind of cheesy and over done after a while. Other than that lasting too long, it was nice. I like how it didn't require any voices at all. I always like a silent film. mini/smile

Tell me, how much of that was done in-camera? A lot looked digital, but some of it looked in camera. I'm curious. mini/wink

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Re: Wormhole in the Iced Tea Cafe

Thanks for the feedback mini/bigsmile
@rioforce: I would say about half and half. Afterwards I did some way over the top contrast boosting and awful chroma keying where in many shots, you can still see the red screen and kinda in general tried to defy the laws of film like the laws of physics are meant to break down in a wormhole or black hole!

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Nice. I liked the animation at the very beginning, with the piece of glass spinning around, and how the ending played out.

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