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Lego Christmas Market in New York


The Lego Santa is coming to town. New York City Christmas Market. A Small special to TMNT, you'll see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in this short Animation.

Re: Lego Christmas Market in New York

A sweet little scene, but the major issue is that there is no story, theme, or narrative to the thing.
It shows people enjoying the Christmas Market, but it felt like there needed to be much more than just a few random figures running around buying food and arresting a robber.

The printout buildings do clash with the brick-built ones, and I think a bit more effort could have been made toward going with one or the other style. Perhaps it would have come off better if the print-outs appeared more Lego-like instead of cartoon-y. There is a bit of jerking/bumping in the animation, but most of it is from being on a smooth surface, making it hard to eliminate entirely. You did a good job with the camera movements, and it had a great Christmas-y atmosphere, but if just felt random and "just because" instead of being done for a purpose.