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Galactic Recon Part 1


400 years in the future, a group of mercenaries are assembled by NESO to investigate the disappearance of space craft known as the Goliath, what they find puts their lives at risk as they struggle to escape the ship.

Re: Galactic Recon Part 1

It was well worth the wait. It has an interesting story, with impressive cgi and the voice acting was great. Keep it up.

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I didn't care for the special effects so far in the first couple minutes.  It looks like a very exciting & well-written story so far, though.  To me, story quality is paramount over special effects, anyway.  The music went well with the animation.  I'm very happy to see Longer Brickfilms!  I don't have the time at the moment to se the whole thing, but I will be viewing later today when I have the chance!

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