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This is a film I have been working on for about a month now. It's a A2 coursework production for media.

I am not entirely happy with the way this turned out, but in the end I don't think it is too bad, I ended up rushing it to finish it in time for hand in date. Its a Lego fight between two guys.

I animated it using Monkeyjam, and edited it in sony vegas. The special effects were produced in after effects.

Music composed by Nathan Kinsman.


Download coming soon.

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For a fight scene, that was very good. My only complaints would be that the backgrounds didn't really blend in that well with the rest of the scene, and there were noticeable green edges around the minifigures during the scene you greenscreened in. Other than that, very nice job.

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It was good but I agree with Munzapoppa about the green screens, you could see a green halo around them. I thought the music was pretty good though it add quite a bit to the feel of it. I think the ware house was the best scene because most of the other scenes had (like I said) the green halo.
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The last scene was a bit dissapointing but I guess that's because you had to rush it.
The camera shakes were great and the animation was smooth.
The sound effects for the foot steps bothered me. mini/blankexpression

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Nice, although. I wtf'd when the guy was hitting the other guy in the crotch with the axe, and the guy getting hit was like: "Meh. I'm actually probably enjoying this."

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that was pretty good, nice sets and camera effects. the green screening was pretty tacky, especially in the end when the footage goes opaque before the background does.

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Yeah I might actually make a re-edited version and add in the rest of the film that I was going to add mini/tongue and re-do the greenscreen.

Thanks for watching.

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Nice cameramoves and animation, though I didn't think the music fit well.


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Great doing! Keep on filming! mini/wink


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