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Hello Guys!! Its legoyeah01 and I got a new thread..So this thread dealing with long brickfilms..Like war of darkness (4 hours BTW) and lego castlevania (140 without credits) SO I got a question for you..What was the longest brickfilm you ever made..I don't care if its 3 mins or 123 mins just post mini/bigsmile My longest brickfilm is..Lego Lord of the rings it's 39 minutes and 58 seconds long.


Re: What is your longest brickfilm?

My longest brickfilm was BIONICLE: Ambush on Jydivia, which came in at about sixteen minutes in total, and was split into five parts. It wasn't very good, but I enjoyed making it. I say it wasn't good; the animation was terrible, but it had a few decent effects and a reasonably good, in-depth plot. Unfortunately, it was so long ago that it no longer exists on the internet, and I've actually lost parts four and five myself.

My longest still-available brickfilm is the brickfilm I'm most proud of, Ozymandias. It's 3 minutes 22 seconds. I'm extremely happy with it, especially seeing as it won Best Short Film at my college's Film and Media awards.
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Re: What is your longest brickfilm?

My longest is 1:41 long. Impressive, I know.

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Pirates Rule! was my longest at 14 minutes.  It's also my most popular film on YouTube by far with over half a million views.  However, it's at only ten FPS so not as much work went into it as it would if it were 15 FPS.
I think that Darkmoor is going to end up around 13 minutes, but it will most likely have far more frames taken than Pirates Rule.

And once I do finally get I Am The Night done I'm sure that will top Pirates Rule.

Still, I think my best films, Bank, Sharks and Clowns, and Odoriferous, are around five minutes.  I think that's one of my favourite lengths.  Not long enough for any bore, but still a nice length for some good jokes.

Re: What is your longest brickfilm?

Some silly Star Wars video I made, which was at about four minutes.
The past few years have been quite rough, sickness, and other stuff, and it had a big impact on animation. In 2012, I had produced a 9-minute Halo film, with most of it ready. When I became sick that Christmas, I foolishly deleted it, as it was on my hard drive for 3 months untouched.
Enough sadness, this summer should see a new spectacle of light happen, as I have written two and a half short stories, which, turned into animation could last well over eight minutes!

Re: What is your longest brickfilm?

39 seconds.

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jeffrey and the old man in: jeffrey gets a voicebox transplant is my longest brickfilm... its 7 minutes 31 seconds

took me the longest to make too

i feel like i wanna make a long cool lego movie but i dont have the time. i had a really fun idea for jeffrey and the old man to like. get abducted by itallian sombrero aliens or something

what could have been: jeffrey and the old man make some robots
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Re: What is your longest brickfilm?

The longest brickfilm I've made so far has been The Shrouded Past, at 14:25.  It was my first animation done at 15 fps, but it had some rough spots.  I would not consider it my best work, though not because of length, but simply because of where my skills were at the time I made it.

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Re: What is your longest brickfilm?

The Chamber, coming in at 7:17. Only took around 2 weeks to make, surprisingly enough.
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Re: What is your longest brickfilm?

34 min 25 sec, uploaded during the era of 56k modem

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I'm currently making an 'Epic'...but I'm cheating. I'm making and uploading it in parts, like a serial. Combined the project could be well over 30 mins - but thus far part 1 is going to be about 5 mins. How long it will go on for really depends on if anyone actually likes it. I don't want to spend years making a 30 min Brickfilm just for everyone to hate it, and the fact its split up means I can change and rework the story as it plays out - plus I can do other projects in the meantime.


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Re: What is your longest brickfilm?

This... thing. mini/no


Re: What is your longest brickfilm?

A long, long time ago....
I was working on a big Star Wars trilogy-thing. The first part was 12:18, the second was mostly filmed but never fully edited, and it would have been around 9:00.

My oldest that I still let out in public was the entry into TOY: The Three Knights at 8:44.

Re: What is your longest brickfilm?

My longest? Two stinkin' minutes... My next one SHOULD be able to pass that.

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Well saved is around 3:50 and I have ben working on it for around 4 months. Wow I take a long time mini/tongue

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Re: What is your longest brickfilm?

"My Lousy Neighbours", clocking in at 12:08, was a...well, lousy, brickfilm that I made awhile back. It starred the "voice talents" and my dad...about a boy's neighbours, and they're...get ready for it...aliens. mini/blankexpression

It was my longest single-standing "brickfilm".

As of right now, my longest single-standing brickfilm is my THAC 11 entry, "Not Hazzat", is 3:50 long. You can check it out in my Film Library.

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Re: What is your longest brickfilm?

A few years ago when I have not much experience I did around 25 minutes of animation, here's the proof (divided in two videos because in that moment YouTube didn't allow upload long videos). I worked part of that summer on that.

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So far, it's DISS JOCKEY, clocking in at 25:07:

The one I'm working on now may be longer, but I'm actually aiming at 24 minutes.

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Re: What is your longest brickfilm?

My longest so far. It's Lego Gateway To The Land Of Weird And Madness. With a length of 57:25

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Re: What is your longest brickfilm?

My longest is The Hunt for the Magical B.L.T. at 10:14 including credits.