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Lego Star Wars - The Lemonade Stand

The Lemonade Stand

The Death Star is blown up, and to fund the second one, Vader must sell lemonade by orders of the Emperor. Darth meets several challenges on his way.

Thanks to all the people who voiced in this brickfilm!
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Thanks to Amatuermusic101 for letting me use his music video! (The one Vader sung to).

If a frame were worth a penny, I'd probably have like, $30 or something.

Re: Lego Star Wars - The Lemonade Stand

Great story.  mini/smile. A good number of cliches to keep one chuckling.

I know it can be hard sometimes but it looked like you relied too much on loops and some shoots spanned multiple sessions, meaning the light was inconsistent.

The dialogue and story was great.  mini/smile.

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