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Conquer The World


A brand new day to conquer the world!

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Great job Walter. It was really funny and the animation was good. Keep up the good work. mini/smile

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Your animation and sets are always brilliant, and I loved the simplicity of the video's concept. Beautifully executed, Benson. Be proud!!!!!
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Nice one. The only nitpick I have is that the guy seemed to be in mid-yawn when speaking. But that kinda helped with the comic effect in the film. Great job, anyhow.

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Well done.  The animation is great.  So are the sets.

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Yay, you're back. mini/smile The sets were really good, and although simple, the animation was nice and smooth. The joke also really hit home mini/tongue . Not much to say other than well done.

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Thanks everyone.

Mickey wrote:

The only nitpick I have is that the guy seemed to be in mid-yawn when speaking.

That does seem odd now that you bring it up. I didn't think about it when animating. mini/what

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We all have those days...
Great job! I like those short, one liners that are always hilarious. mini/lol

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Re: Conquer The World

Short and sweet, with great sets and animation. I do have to agree, it looked a tad off with him speaking mid-yawn, but it really wasn't that bad. The sets, especially the brick colors, are very nice, I do admire the colors that stand out in your films, they are very eye-pleasing. mini/wink