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Literally EP 17


um, yeah, here it is, and I know the point of view shot has a bit of flicker....

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I enjoyed it. Your animation is definitely getting better, slowly but surely. The animation of the guy popping up from behind the trashcan felt way to uniform, but I think that was the only movement that felt really unnatural to me. I'd also say the pacing was a bit to quick, I think it would have benefited from being slowed down a bit to create a bit more build up to the punchline. In my opinion really goofy puns and such are made much funnier by a really serious build up. A really important part of what makes a pun funny is how well it catches the audience off guard, so if you entice them into thinking they're watching something intense by using a really stereotypical build up like we're all used to seeing in an action thriller, and then drop a joke like that, it's absolutely hilarious. That punchline was amazing though, one of the best puns I've seen in awhile. Even if the buildup wasn't great, that joke is good enough in my opinion that it holds itself up. Good job, keep it up. mini/smile

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thanks mate. yeah, I should have spent more time on him poping up. too quick? hmm, ok, something I still have to work on... problem is I like fast pacing. mini/tongue
thanks mate, yeah, everyone i've showed has liked it.. mini/bigsmile