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A Day in the Life


Guy is walking through the park, and a magical gnome appears! What should Guy do?

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Re: A Day in the Life

Nicely done! I shouldn't have fought Batman though... mini/tongue
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Re: A Day in the Life


hilarious and i loved the animation

i laughed a lot, it was great. i loved it so much

what could have been: jeffrey and the old man make some robots
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Re: A Day in the Life

Absolutely fantastic. It's funny, well-animated and packed full of content. I went down every path, and had a wonderful time!

Re: A Day in the Life

Pretty decent.  It's fun.  The animation is decent.  The sets are good.

Re: A Day in the Life

That was great! I've learnt to never trust turkey's again. Good animation and funny story... well done!