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5000 Guests for Dinner


In this comedic re-telling of a classic Bible story, Jesus multiplies fish and bread and feeds a very large crowd.

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Nice .  . .I rated it three for the quality. But I love how you interpreted this story! Great job!

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Re: 5000 Guests for Dinner

Pretty good, technical aspects could do with a big of improvement, but everything else was done quite well.
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Re: 5000 Guests for Dinner

Technically, it really would have benefited from some smoother animation. The animation is stiff, you need more easing in and out, right now the isn't much natural acceleration in your movements. Also, camera/set bumps are a cardinal sin in stop motion, nothing takes an audience out of the experience faster. Good on you for making a humorous Bible themed brickfilm, though. Most religious brickfilms are totally serious, but I find it hard to take a minifig Jesus to seriously. I feel that adding in some humor makes it more meaningful as an appropriate use of the LEGO medium and the audience is more likely to engage when they don't feel preached too. Basically I think it's well written and thought out, you just need to work on the technical stuff, which comes with practice. mini/smile