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LEGO Dancing on Ice


Dancing on Ice is a TV show we have in the UK. It's like Strictly Come Dancing/Dancing With the Stars, but on ice skates. (Who woulda guessed?)

This was another commission from LEGO's PR. The process involved animating the whole thing only to start over completely, switching out the music at the last minute and getting almost no social media coverage because (as I discovered too late) the channel that makes the TV show had nothing to do with this.

Not my finest hour, and not particularly interesting, but I figured I should share it here anyway.

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That animation looked tricky, but you pulled it off well.

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Very fluid and fun, as usual, Hazzat. Keep up the great work!

Have you seen a big-chinned boy?

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I was getting afraid you were never going to release a film again!

The animation is quite good, though, I feel like your talents could be put to better use.  It's been far too long since you've released one of your really great comedies.  Your script writing ability is fantastic.

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I wish my animation was that good mini/wink
Good work Hazzat!

Moved an have no room to animate, but I do have a Flickr:[email protected]/ My friends and I have been composing a Comic Series: