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Welcome to the results for the 11th Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest! It took place on December 28-29th 2013, and the theme was "A Mistaken Identity".

Another THAC, another batch of incredible entries. No matter where you placed in the list below, please don't feel disheartened. To have completed a THAC is an amazing feat few have achieved - in this case it really is more about the taking part than the winning!

You can watch all the entries in this playlist.

We received 78 entries this time (up from 72 in THAC X). Let's see how they fared...
The Supervisor by Legoander
The Police Delivery by ForlornCreature
No Crawme Steals Christmas by Sean

Congrats! The entries above win prizes (for real this time) and the entries below win bragging rights.

4th place
Fitz and Flubblewalf by Walter Benson

5th place
How I Survived by filmyguy

6th place
Fish Tale by Soppenjim

7th place
Expectation by Loïc F-B

8th place
Misplaced and Mistaken by Sonjira

9th place
Drifter by Onion

10th place
Sector Se7en by OlsonStudios

11th place
The Key by Binding Brick

12th place
A Friend To End All Friends by BuilderBrothers

13th place
The Liberator by bluper8

14th place
Corporate Confusion by CarrollFilms

15th place
Planet of the Sneeuwpop by Squid

16th place
Not Skeletor by Saminatorger

17th place
Mr. Figure's Job Interview by Fun Sucker

18th place
A Christmas Caper by MindGame

19th place
Failure to Lunch by AFewBricksShort

20th place
Purposeless Deduction by Willow Tree

21st place
The Does by A&M Studios

22nd place
Never Fear, Fair Maiden; I Shall Save You! by Max Butcher

23rd place
Meth and Muzak by wenchance

24th place
you were a mistake by Just Kidden

25th place
The Incredible Journey of the Flying Pickled Pancakes by Realm of the Unreel

26th place
CON by Aquamorph

27th place
Magnus Lapsus by Mighty Wanderer

28th place
Battle of Smallville by MonsieurCaron

29th place
AX 2 by Pritchard Studios

30th place
The Family Legacy by Lawrie

31st place
The Quest for Ted’s Identity by LASF

32nd place
A New Citizen by SplitterShot

33rd place
The Fifth Share by 0DonkeyKong

34th place
Interrogation by ScreamingTantrum

35th place

36th place
Mental by Chris W.

37th place
The Code’s Game by AniMax

38th place
Painter or Artist? by coolcubestudio

39th place
WRONG Man in the RIGHT Place by OsomStudios

40th place
Identity Thief by Fartifartek

41: Investigator Rigby and the Identity Schemuzzle by AnimationCreation
42: A Jedi Mind Trick?? by jerfish
43: Friend by Willco66
44: Betrayed by Gentry Studios
45: Regretting Profession by Nasrarian
46: The Time Courier by Mindstormer
47: The Trial of an Actor by tenny1028
48: The Mistaken Superhero by Legoguy1159
49: Pizza Please by The Login Productions
50: Lieutenant John by END Films
51: A Temporal Swap by ewccinema
52: Another Man's Shoes by PrestigiousPieProductions
53: Paired Evil by Stefan Muscat
54: wrong man by duffosaur
55: Zombies by Jaxcychan
56: M is for Monster by ahnt
57: Mistaken Mafia by Shutterpoint
58: Identical Thief by Icebergstudios
59: Time Travel Mishap by 5minetube
60: An Expensive Mistake by SuperLegoMatic
61: The Forgetful King by legokingmike217
62: What Was That? by bakeranimator
63: A mistake out of this world by Bataton
64: Normal Hero by DewVinci
65: I'm Batman!!! by humbertokam
66: The Trophy by ziemek17
67: If the Hat Fits by Kobblethepenguin
68: Who Am I? by Galactic Films
69: The Fall of a Kingdom by GravityBrickStudios
70: The Mystery Man by Rockydude411
71: gore.mp4 by Brickstudio 1
72: mistaken identity by lu7ca2001
73: The Man That Hits by skyawalker
74: Not Hazzat by Mickey
75: Death in Life by pri sac
76: A Lie, A Fake, and Fools in Action! by anofficialstripeline
77: That Spy by nltwm
78: Funmi wins THAC by Funmiproductions

Once again, thank you to our sponsor: Brickworld for supplying the prizes!

Brickworld is a family of excellent LEGO fan expos, showcasing incredible LEGO builds year after year. The next scheduled ones are taking place in Indianapolis and Chicago, so if you're in the area you should definitely stop by.

You can find all the info on their site,

If you are lucky enough to have won a prize, please contact CarrollFilms.

Enormous thanks to Lucas for stepping in as head judge when I was suddenly swamped by work. If it wasn't for him, you'd all be lynching me for not getting the results out promptly, so he was a true life-saver. Our other judges were OneManFilms and jstudios, and I'd encourage you to send them all nice messages expressing your gratitude. It's not an easy job!

That wraps up another THAC. What does the future holds for this contest? If you'd like to have your say on how future THACs should run, head to the Future of THAC (and BRAWL) discussion.

Whatever happens, I hope to see you there. mini/smile

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congratulations to the winners mini/smile

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Re: THAC 11: Results!

Wow, 71...

Re: THAC 11: Results!

Good job to all the winners.

Re: THAC 11: Results!

That's a +1 improvement from last year.

Re: THAC 11: Results!

Congratulations to everyone who entered! I very much enjoyed watching all the entries, and I look forward to next year's THAC mini/smile

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Congratulations to the winners!

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Congratulations to all entrants, but especially to Legoander, ForlornCreature and Sean!
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WOOHOO, 8th place! Quite proud of that, I am. Thanks to Lucas, Haz, and all the others who ran this great contest. Twas a fun one!
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My entry changed to 70th.

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Congratulations winners. Nice job.

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Congratulations Legoander, your entry was my favorite! mini/wink

That was a great challenge.

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9th place is just amazing, like for my first completed THAC. Congratulations to all the winners too! I personally have one or two things I would've placed differently but that'll always be the case.

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Drifter (THAC 11) - Here

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53rd? mini/eek mini/bigsmile mini/lol


Congrats to the winners and to everyone who managed to enter! mini/smile

Have a nice day! mini/smile


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I'm really glad that the Supervisor won. That would have been my pick.

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Good job everyone!

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52nd! I'm extremely happy with my placement! The judging this year must have been hard with so many fantastic entries!

Congrats to the winners!

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I'm surprised I was even given a place.  The film quality was less than average, the dialogue made almost no sense, and I had an Airplane! reference.  Looks like I have a much to learn.  Congratz to the winners!  I kinda wish Ax 2 placed a little higher though.

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Re: THAC 11: Results!

Congrats to the winners, there were a ton of great entries this year, and it was a joy to go through and watch them all. With so many amazing shorts, finding and picking the winners must have been quite the ordeal. It certainly wasn't as clear-cut as other years, so thanks to the judges for all that hard work.

Also, thanks everybody else for participating and making it the greatest brickfilming event of the year. Ya'll deserve a medal for enduring the rigors of THAC and for pumping out so many quality films so quickly.

Still, it wasn't all sunshine and roses, seeing as 29th is my lowest contest ranking yet.
Since there aren't nice convenient judging sheets this year, could I get some reviews or PMs or something explaining what needed improvement? Would really like to get whatever it is fixed before all my future films suffer from it.
Not complaining here, just a bit curious and tad confused.
Thanks. mini/wink