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Star Wars: Battlefront


New film. Lots of wars and stars and shooting and sabers.

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Very well done! I'm not saying that as to how good it is in comparison with the real game, partly because I've never really played it. It was very well executed technicially, as well as some great cinematography! I honestly have no complaints at all. This was a great film as to be expected! mini/wink


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Man, this was really cool.  I thought the effects and animation were awesome.  I can't find any negatives.

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Really great job. I love Battlefront, but the differences don't bother me at all, I mean, it's LEGO, no need for an exact recreation. Really well animated action; and the general cinematography was great as always, I think that's something you really excel at. mini/smile

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Ah, brings back so many nostalgic memories.

Excellent job, Mr. Olson! I truthfully could not find any critiques.


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I also really liked this a lot.  Everything was very polished.  If anything I wish it had a little more intensity to it but other then that this was awesome.  I'm loving the sweet brickfilms that have been coming out recently!

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Hey thanks everybody for the kind words.

@Fancypants - I totally agree. The pace is very slow for an action flick, not much actually happens. Ha, gonna work on that next time.

Glad you guys are diggin'.

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Impressive. Most impressive. I really enjoyed this alot, as it gives me memory's of playing Battlefront 8 years ago!

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Good job guy.

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I love how you re-created the loading sequence. I also like how you capture the build-up. It may seem hard to believe, but quite a bit of Star Wars Battlefront was about the first dash for the command posts, then the walking from post-to-post. It was only really once at the command post when everything went down. Its not like modern games such as Call of Duty where everything needs to be a warzone. Part of the fun was sneaking around picking random stragglers off whilst their back was turned, and occasionally walking into a skirmish - as this Brickfilm depicts so perfectly.

And when all else fails, you can always turn into a freaking Jedi.


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Re: Star Wars: Battlefront

Loved it, Spencer! Really nice job with the visual effects, I can tell this took you some time to put together. Nicely done with the lightsaber shots. The animation was great as well. If it were a bit more intense and faster paced it would be even better, but it's still a really well done short. Keep up the awesome work, it's great to see that your videos get better and better. Never stop growing!

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Very nice, loved all the effects and the subtle blurring to give things a more snowy look.

Some of the death animations were fantastic also, great job.
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This is great! I've played Battlefront an okay amount, and I always liked the loading screens, so it was cool you included them. You already addressed this on YouTube, but not all of it was that similar to the game, and I think it might've been cool to have a shot or two recreating play in third person mode. The first person shots were fantastic, though, and I loved the little details such as the grenade and rifle in the bottom-left corner. Great job!

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Very impressive, Spencer. The animation and visual effects were pretty stellar, and for the most part, you manage to sustain a nice little action sequence (and, for once, it's not about a rebel fighter!), though I might have liked the pacing to be upped a bit. In particular, I like your use of extreme shallow focus in a couple of shots to make the whiteout feel more palpable and claustrophobic. 

I'm not familiar with the game Battlefront, having never played it, but the FPS parts were pretty well done (while it's pretty clear that the arm is simply a cutout and keyframe-animated, I like the way you animated the arm during the "walk cycle"). Also, and this is probably personal opinion, but I think the film sort of fizzles out towards the end with the inclusion of Luke Skywalker. I liked watching the battle between just the ground troopers, but the inclusion of a jedi just felt too easy of a way out (do any of us really expect a single stormtrooper to take out a jedi?).

Otherwise, this is a very nicely-polished little action short. Well done.

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This was awesome! I know you weren't trying to be super-accurate, but it was a really great homage to the Battlefront series. For being one of those classic shoot-em-up Star Wars action videos, it was extremely entertaining.

I really liked the layouts and overlays you used. Especially the loading screen. It really was like the one in the game. I could feel the same anticipation building up as if I was getting ready to shoot up some rebels. It was impressively animated as well; it matched your animation with the actual figures. Although I would have liked to see some more attention to detail, like animating the HUD a bit (have the ammunition counter go down every time he took a shot), it still added to the experience of it all.

From a storyline standpoint, there really wasn't much to it (and I'm assuming you weren't going for much of a story either). But going for the Jedi ending did seem a bit cliché and lazy. However, from a gaming standpoint, that's exactly what I would've done mini/XD. I do have to agree with everyone on that it felt a tad slow for being an action flick. One other thing this was missing was explosions. Every good action film has at least one explosion, and Battlefront gives you an excuse to use as many as you want!

All-in-all, it was pretty great. The VFX really sold it all and I think you did a great job with it (although I think Squid might have a few words with you about that post-production camera movement). Definitely an inspiration to pick up my Republic Commando project again. Keep it up and looking forward to seeing more!

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I really liked this! The BF1 loading screen, the FPS-HUD, the effects, the animation of the rebels falling when being shot, everything.

And people are pointing out that this isn't an exact recreation of the original games. But remember, there's a new battlefront coming out! And with the "snow-stormy" atmosphere, this reminds me a lot of DICE's teaser trailer, so maybe this is inspired a little by that?

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