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"AX 2" [THAC 11]


AX-MAN returns in this amazing sequel/prequel that starts in the middle and expands on the story in both directions.
Or something like that.
Made for THAC 11.

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I still think that you should have given this a typical sequel name like Ax-Man Origins, Ax-Man Reborn, Ax-Man Revolution, or Ax-Man Forever

I really liked this.  Of all of the THAC entries, this had some of the smoothest animation.  Particularly with those hand motions.  It's also weird how this actually seems like a harder film than your last Ax-man, and yet you still did it.  I like how you've expanded the story both forward and backward.  Perhaps we'll see even more Ax some day.  Maybe the Relicjack could go to the unicorn realm where he fights the double princess.

Also, I think that you have just created the first ever fan-fic based off of the Faloovian universe.

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I really enjoyed this film and I thought our THACumentary was one of the best because of all the cool details it pointed out. Although I'm not sure I did the best job voice acting in this film.

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Yeah this had a really interesting story for being made in 24 hours! Like Squid said, it's neat how you expanded the original stories both ways. That can make for a great sequel! mini/smile

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Great set design! I really like this entry, and I like that you really put a lot of effort into it. I enjoyed the plot twist, too.

Have you seen a big-chinned boy?

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"Ax-Man Origins" Now that title sounds a bit familiar. mini/wink
I kinda like the simplicity of numbers, but as I said in the THACumentary, I regret not doing something better.
Maybe next time. And yes, this was much harder than the first AX. Not sure how I got the one done in a week, and the other in a day. Also, the Relicjack was a completely off-the-cuff addition, but now that the others are dead, he is the only way to continue the saga. So I may just have to bring him to another realm. Who knows?

I wanted something a bit different than most sequels, so I'm glad that the "both-ways" aspect is liked. It was fun to write, but is a bit depressing seeing as nearly everybody from the first film is now dead.

@Wilco66, Thanks for watching it. And you did fine. 

@Walter, Thanks. Just don't know what I'll do next time seeing as that format would be pretty hard to do again.

It's only too bad I did so terribly on the Police Station, as the rest of the sets are so much better.
Still, as long as the time and effort investment are evident, I'm happy.

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I really like where you've taken the AX story. I hope we get to see it continued, I really like the Relicjack character, although I understand that it's a hard story to continue from here. You did a good job maintaining a high production quality in 24 hours, except for the police station set, like you mentioned. Overall I think it's quite good, and I'm glad to have been a part of it. mini/smile