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Purposeless Deduction


My entry into THAC 11.

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Nice work, my only qualm would be the lighting being too dark.

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Heh, I like this one. I do agree with RealBrick, though, the lighting was a tad too dark.

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After making it through about a third of the films, I saw this.
And wow. It's hilarious.
I love it.

The animation and lighting could use some work, but the script and voice acting are perfect.
Great job on the mini-Monopoly board by the way.

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I remember getting to this one in the playlist (Which I'm still not done with!) and I really enjoyed this one.

It really has a classic old-school brickfilm vibe - and the dialogue was top notch!

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I'm am very sorry for my delayed thanks. I didn't expect to get a plethora of awesome feedback.

I'll definitely improve on my lighting set-up for my next brickfilm, which should be relatively soon. After THAC, I did a sort of "trial and error" with different lighting set ups; I found one that works great.

Thanks, again, guys!

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I'm going to agree with everything else that has already been stated by everyone else. But, I congratulate you on entering your first THAC! mini/wink

Have you seen a big-chinned boy?

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This one was hilarious, but the main reason I liked was the old school vibe it gives off, as Walter mentioned.