Topic: The Spectacular Lego Spider-Man: Episode 5 "Survival"

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The Spectacular Lego Spider-Man: Episode 5 "Survival"

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Norman Osborn retrieves the bladed used by Vulture in the previous episode and takes it to Dr. Mendel Stromm for it to get analyzed and for it to be extracted into a new formula to create spider powers specifically for Norman. The experiment begins and it goes wrong causing Norman to have mental stability and goes on a killing spree known only as... the one and only "Green Goblin"!

Spider-Man/Green Goblin/J. Jonah Jameson:

Harry Osborn/Random Guy(Comic Relief):

Eddie Brock Jr:

Captain George Stacy:

Dr. Mendel Stromm:

Patrick Mulligan:

May Parker:

Gwendolyn Stacy:

Mary Jane Watson:

Dr. Curtis Connors:

Ned Leeds:

Thug #1:

Thug #2:

Oscorp Security Guard:

The Daily Bugle Security Guard:

Doctor #1:

Doctor #2:

Alistair Smythe:


Random Kid:


Directed by: TLB STUDIOS
Animated by: TLB STUDIOS, JimA73, and The Booty Snatcher
Edited by: TLB STUDIOS, JimA73, and DT98FILMS
Producer: GreenHawkProduction
Executive Producer/Supervisor: Wolf Animations