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The Story of Redemption (And Christmas!)

Contest Version
Extended Version

"The Story of Redemption that was four thousand years in the making."
Or "A Christmas tale that begins at the very beginning..."

Made for Repelling Spider's Christmas in a Minute 2013 animation contest.

Not my most impressive work by far, but I've been out of practice. And it's more about the tale than the mode of telling anyway. Still, hope you enjoy all those camera movements.

The Contest version flows better, but there are some really nice shots in the Extended, so I suggest watching both.

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Re: The Story of Redemption (And Christmas!)

Wow! Very cool! The message was very meaningful. I especially liked the white figure, God, in a world with all dark, sinful people. This has potential to win, great job!

Re: The Story of Redemption (And Christmas!)

Nice job! That was a lot to fit into 1 minute, but you did well. I especially like how you used the white and black minifigs as contrast.

Great message, I'm glad someone made a film with the Christmas story in it. mini/wink Hope you do well!

Re: The Story of Redemption (And Christmas!)

The abstract yet simple imagery of the black and white minifigures is really a neat idea and so far this is my favorite entry of the contest! Good job! mini/smile

Re: The Story of Redemption (And Christmas!)

Fantastic! I prefer the extended version because of that last shot at the end
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Re: The Story of Redemption (And Christmas!)

The black people turning into white people, although potentially a tad bit racist, was some very good imagery. There were some good camera angles in it also. That said, I found the narration and the plot to be dreary in nature, the latter largely because the whole Earth creation fairy tale + Jesus's birth has been done to death and I personally have no spiritual connection or care towards it. Nevertheless, it was a good interpretation. Also, the sets were a bit sparse.

Ps you forgot "on the eight day the good lord made the usa"

Re: The Story of Redemption (And Christmas!)

Thanks guys!
Glad my collection of black and white minifigs went to good use.
It was fun to make, and it was a blessing to be given the chance to put together something like this together.

@Carousel, I respect you sir, for truly finding good elements in a short that you may not agree with or look at as others do. Thank you.

Re: The Story of Redemption (And Christmas!)

Ah, Carousel, it seems you never can resist criticizing religion whenever you can.  And you've even suggested that Pritchard's film might be racist while you're at it.  However, I do enjoy reading those comments, actually.
But the story really does sound rather ridiculous.  In fact, you'd probably be ridiculous to not think that it sounded ridiculous.  And the plots in religious stories heavily rely upon deus ex machina, though, there are some rather clever things in there.  I particularly wish that having a single character be simultaneously three characters so I could use it in a story of my own and then feel really clever about myself for having come up with the idea myself.
Still, some of the best stories sound ridiculous.  Even some of the ones that are true.

On to the film, it's really good.  The creative way of interpreting and showing this old tale which has been told so many times that it begins to feel a tad stale brings a new and delightful freshness to it.  Though I feel like the idea itself was more deserving of a bigger film, maybe a few minutes long, and with no narration, but with more stuff to tell the story wordlessly.  Of course, this was made for a short contest, so that all makes sense.  It's also a bit weird how the figures are instantly cleansed, which is my only shortcoming from the animation which is of great note.  There should be some sort of transition there, perhaps the colour moving into their body, or perhaps more simply a single transitional frame of a pure grey minifigure.  Very impressive work with that dolly shot, though.  I particularly like how the cross enters the frame at just the right time.
It a good film which makes me feel good.  Very good job.

Re: The Story of Redemption (And Christmas!)

Thanks Squid for your long and thought-out comment.
It's good to read your various opinions gathered up in that first paragraph. You have a very interesting (In a good way!) perspective on things, and I particularly like those last two sentences.

As to the second paragraph:
Great, I was aiming for a slightly different way to tell the old, oft-repeated tale, and it's nice to see that those efforts were rewarded. You are right, the film would have been better with a longer running time, and I did consider going wordless early on, but it's a bit complex to express in that way in the short time allotted. Perhaps a transition frame would have made it a bit smoother, but it simply never crossed my mind.

Glad you like it, and thanks again for the comment.

Re: The Story of Redemption (And Christmas!)

Wow this was good I loved it.
the camera movements could have ben smoothed out a bit but still this was great.
Loved the way you told the story.
This deserves a win.


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