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Hello fellow Brickfilmers,

MERRY Super-Flat X-Mas, brought to you by Santa golego:


Super-Flat X-Mas


MERRY Super-Flat X-Mas, by golego animation, 2013
contains stop-motion animation, captured with a GoPro Hero3,
SONY HDR-FX1 and BOINX iStopMotion.

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Re: Super-Flat X-Mas

Well, now I know who's on the naughty list. mini/wink

(Good to see another film from you again.)

"Tell stories that matter to you, not stories that'll sell." - Stephen Tobolowsky


Re: Super-Flat X-Mas

Great, film. My favorite part was definitely the extent of the set design. Extremely well done.

Merry Christmas!

Re: Super-Flat X-Mas

Wonderful use of a GoPro! Those shots were fantastic. Love the ceiling fan! First time I've seen a gopro used for a brickfilm.

Re: Super-Flat X-Mas

I didn't see any "strong violence" in the video. Nor did I quite understand the story. But, I was too focused on the awesome-looking set to care.

Have you seen a big-chinned boy?