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In the future, earth was attack by aliens. Some fled, but some are still on the earth. In prevent the aliens from destroying us, the new world government formed the SPF(Special police force) just to hunt these aliens down. Cory Ryder, a young SPF officer discovers a dark secret that could change everything, putting his life in danger.

This is my biggest project so far. It took me 5 months to finish. This film was a huge learning experience for me, and I hope to improve little errors for the sequel next year.

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From what I watched you seem to be the right track.
You chose fitting music and explained the story well. The animation was a bit amateurish but everything will change with practice.

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The music was great, the story was okay, the voice acting was okay. The animation though, wasn't very good, also from time to time you forgot to use chroma key and there was just a pink background. I also found it weird the the main character had the same voice when he was little.


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Not bad, but not very animated.

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Thanks for your opinions. I agree, I slacked off in the animation, but this whole thing was a test film for the real Hollow earth film. I will  put all your thoughts into consideration. I hope to improve my animation to help my future in brickfilming. Thanks for the praise in terms of voice acting, the script and story, and the music. Music was made just for this film by Cooked cat. He's awesome.