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Gee wiz, Jeff, you don't have to be so thankful.

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I liked the vid! )) 90% of it is idea! )) Animation itself is pretty simple but it doens't matter... mini/sunnies

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Great job! Set, animation, and especially the idea were very nice!

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Fantastic film man, that was really polished and a fun short to watch. The set was really nice, haven't seen any of them like it with all those town houses. The idea was well executed and pretty funny, plus the facial expression changes were a nice touch.

(EDIT: My bad actually, I watched it again and that wasn't a problem! My bad!)

Overall good job, this is the 2nd film of yours I've seen and I really like what I'm seeing, I hope to see big things from you to come!

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Thanks guys. I'm really glad you all enjoyed it. mini/smile

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Another great video! I really envy your set-building skillz mini/smile

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Kudos to you for being able to put out two Thanksgiving brickfilms...when I couldn't even motivate myself to put out one! mini/wink

But, this one--as well as your other video--rocks! As Onion stated on his post, those sets are remarkably detailed. I think some of the minifigure animation was a little too exaggerated, in my opinion, but the animation was really good. I think the punch line was delivered pretty well, but I thought Jeff's friend was going to say "I'm thankful that I can run fast!", instead of "I'm thankful that I kept my mouth shut!". But, then the punch line was delivered, and I think that your way would have turned out better than my way. But, this is a great brickfilm, anyways!

As I've said before, keep up the great work, Walter! And I hope to see more great stuff from you in the future.

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maybe Jeff was merely highlighting the common misconceptions found within the fabric of today's society. he sounded like an all round general lad to me.

That aside, the subtle facial changes were done very well, as were the sets. The animation was nice as usual. As mickey mouse said, the line at the end should have revolved around 'running away', opposed to mouth related things. The plot was moderate.

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I have a friend who said the punchline should've been something else as well. Looking back maybe I should've changed it, but time constraints led me to just using what I had. Not much time for revising sadly.

I do like that though. "I'm thankful I can run fast" mini/lol