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Green lantern Literally


hey, can i have some feedback on this guys face?... please.... I'd really love to know how i can improve....

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I think how you did the mouth movement was very effective mini/smile Just gotta make sure that the movement fits the speech closely mini/smile Though that didn't happen in this video mini/smile Haven't seen green lantern so the reference is kinda lost on me, the effects were very well executed mini/smile

Re: Green lantern Literally

thanks, so, sorry, didnt quite catch what you where saying, he's mouth movements fitted? or didnt? if not, any way to improve?

Re: Green lantern Literally

The mouth movements fitted, sorry I can see how that was confusing mini/XD The only way I can see to improve is that when he stopped speaking the mouth kinda jumped from slightly open to closed. But that doesn't really detract from the overall movement mini/smile