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Sad to hear you're out, Leo.
Good news. It finished exporting A LOT faster than I thought, I'm uploading it to send to Smeagol now.

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Just Kidden wrote:

I want to see some of your footage, Leo. I really like your stuff. mini/smile

I'll try to wrap up two longer shots and post them.

- Leo

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Submitted! mini/bigsmile
I'm so frikkin relieved. Ok, no more posts by me every other post.

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I have Entered! mini/bigsmile


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I'm withdrawing and now I feel great!

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Sméagol posting,

Don't be concerned if I haven't added your film to the list yet and you have submitted it - I'm getting the entries, just totally swamped trying to figure this all out right now.  Due to the massive quantity of entries, we'll be dividing the premiere into two parts with a brief intermission tomorrow.  Details and a program to follow.

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Another update: lest there be any confusion, there are about 37 minutes left until the deadline.

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Deadline passed!

I'm BACK! mini/bigsmile

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That's right!  And we received a whopping 22 entries, making up over 2 hours of brick films.

Final List of Valid Entries:

CYCLIC - Bodville

Time Police - The Frozen Brick

Through the Years - Moo-C-J

Clic-Clac - timfee

At the Touch of a Button - Bastetta

Time and Space - filmyguy

The River - Night Owl

Mind Control - Leftfield Studios

The Year 2139 - Goofyskull

ExTerrestrial - Fatal Extraction

The Illusion of Reality - Mutuceba

Time - Darkman

Unreal Cell - Cheeseybricks

Time Tour - EHMovies

ONE - MPfist0

Time Chasers - cwr89

Desk Time Travel - Timothy R

Fight - Bombshell

The Traveler - Snapfilmproductions

Streets of Legoredo - Gospelnut

Airtight - bluebrickstudios

Death's Carriage - Nich

Crisis Reverted - AncientBricks & PdoubleyouC

Because the total running time was longer than anticipated, I'll be posting a program soon of the basic schedule for the premiere.  All the films listed above will be shown!

Congratulations on completing these films, directors!


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Damn. Just realised I uploaded my badly edited version mini/sad

Nevermind, it'll have to do, and with the standard of entries I'm expecting, I don't stand a chance.

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Thank goodness it's over.  The last three days have felt like 3 THACs in a row, with the exception of 6-8 hours of sleep each night.  I spent all day yesterday working on the sound mix and prologue and End Credits.  I hadn't counted on how long it would take to compress the film down to a reasonable size to upload, and then with uploading, I submitted the film just 15 minutes before the deadline!  That was too close. 

Thanks Smeagol for putting on a fun contest. 

Now I can get back to trying to be a good father and husband after neglecting my family for nearly the last 3 days. mini/smile

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its been fun though!

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"actuallly this involves spiderman too, not batman. but im also taking a new approach, more comedy, less action. i dont see to many movies like that with more comedy than action" --SteveStarfyTV on an Indiana Jones meets Star Wars idea.

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I was impressed by everyones entrys mini/smile

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To be clear, guys, you may post your videos publicly in the forums now.  Judging will begin soon, may take a few weeks but I'll try to get it finished in a reasonable time frame.

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Why haven't much people posted their entry's yet ?
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I think it might be due in part to time zones.  It was fairly late by the time the (4 HOUR LONG) premiere ended.

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I an' believe STAR is it's not over....... STAR will live on forever!

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Will we have STAR again next year? I would enter. I didn't this year because I have been busy with things.

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I'm guessing we will have a BiM contest, but almost certainly not STAR, but a different theme, though keeping the same theme might be interesting to see what people come out with the second time round.