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Jedi Proving Grounds

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This is the first "Significant" project I've done since my return to brickfilming!

A ritual amongst new Padawan graduates is to take the skills they have learnt to the proving grounds, in a duel of strength and Jedi Skill! These battles are much enjoyed and are a spectator sport almost amongst clone troopers at the training facilities, with many placing bets on who they believe will be the victor!

On a more technical note, I think the video is quite good in general, just a few places I could probably have added a few more frames, and made sure the lighting was more balanced to ensure the flying bricks looked more natural...Other than that, I like how this video looks!

Let me know what you guys think! Any constructive feedback welcome mini/smile



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Re: Jedi Proving Grounds

The animation was a little jerky I would recommend easing in an easing out.

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I agree. While I can easily see what you imagined it could be, the jerky animation and lack of 'flow' from move to move kinda hurt the short. And those were the two things that really made the original "The Force Unleashed" by Fancypants so good. As is, it seemed like you wanted to do a handful a certain moves, so you just threw them in together.

The masking was clean, (which is better than most) but the movement itself was very unnatural in timing and physics. The way the blocks flew around just didn't resemble the way stuff like that flies around in the movies.

I know this is a bit critical, but fights like these hinge on execution, and if that fails in any way whatsoever, the whole thing is doomed, whereas normal shorts may be saved by plot, cinematography or something else.

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Pritchard Studios wrote:

I know this is a bit critical

I don't mind critical, to me the criticism is the only way I'll ever be able to improve, so for that I thank you very much mini/bigsmile  And to be honest I take the fact that you can see what I was trying to portray as a compliment mini/smile Oh and thanks for the comment about the masking mini/smile

Yeah, I know I still have a bit to do to make things seem "natural" as you put it mini/smile But with helpful, critical feedback I should be able to better myself mini/smile So thanks man, means a lot mini/bigsmile

(As a side note: In the future I'm not planning on making any more videos where fighting is the crux of the video, this was basically just me experimenting with an idea I had!)

But so long as there was even one element from this experience I can take forward to my next video to me it was a worthwhile learning curve mini/smile

Bit of a long reply haha mini/XD But thanks for the critique!


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END films wrote:

The animation was a little jerky I would recommend easing in an easing out.

This is something I always try to do but seemingly never succeed at to a great extent...Thanks, will keep working at this!