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Holding The Gun - Lego movie


Film made for an animation contest organized by WMBF.
A short story about a man who... Well, watch the video mini/wink

I'm Loominarty confirmed.

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Could use a lot of work.

For instant, it all happened to fast, it felt forced. Also, slow down the frame rate, it is to fast.

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Alright, here's my honest opinions on this brickfilm.

1. Story/Premise - There truly wasn't a story, just a few titles to kind of prelude what was happening in the little sequence. Personally, I think the whole aspect of suicide in this film was really ridiculous and unnecessary. Sadly though, if you took that aspect away, the film would be very anti-climactic and bland.

2. Animation -  Decent enough. It could clearly use some fluency and easing in and out, but the film wasn't really affected too much by this aspect.

3. Editing - Way too generic. The fonts and title effects looked excessively amateur, and moreover, they weren't even necessary when you could have animated it instead. I was also a bit distracted from the improper word usage and grammatical errors throughout the title phase. About the sound, well, there wasn't anything except some ambient rock soundtrack which in my opinion, doesn't constitute a very thorough editing job. Maybe your intention was not to add sound effects, but keep in mind that sound effects really do add to the film, and give it more depth and realism.

So, overall, I wasn't too impressed mainly because of the idea and execution of the film. Try to focus on writing a well-structured story before thinking about the production phase. And when you do get to the production phase, put some good time and effort into completing it. mini/smile

-Grant Benson

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The thumbnail is cool though mini/smile