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We teamed up with Budo Videos to build the opening of the most popular Brazillian Ju Jitsu web series in LEGO.  It is our latest commissioned project.  Shot at 15 fps

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I was pretty excited to get paid for another brickfilm project.  I really tried to focus on just a few characters as opposed to making huge scenes.  What do you guys think of the finished project?

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It seemed a little too playful to me, and the sequence with the dinosaur was badly edited, but I liked it generally.

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Playful?  It is LEGO it's supposed to be playful mini/wink

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Well, for instance, instead of fighting, the characters looked like they were playing. There was even a very slight hint of homoeroticism...or is that going too far? They're only Lego minifigures, after all.

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Actually I thought the fighting looked pretty good.

I think the biggest flaw would be the lack of"ease-in-ease-out" and lack of frames in between certain shots. For example, when the raptor falls, it looked really ridged. He kinda looks like he just teleported to the floor. I would suggest adding more frames in between the time he jumps, and the time he hits the floor. Same goes for the shot at about 0:22 when the character gets throw into the ceiling and the rubble comes down. I didn't even notice the rubble until l my third time watching it. It would be a good idea to not only add frames during the fall, but once it hit the ground too. Instead of just sitting there some of the rubble should bounce and scatter. It kinda looked like a pile of firewood appearing out of thin air.

Here is a popular tutorial on easing in and easing out:
(You may have seen it already, lots of people like to use this as an example)

Other then that, amazing job as usual. Great work.

no more brickfilming *sad face*.

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@jahnocli- LOL!  Brazillian Ju-Jitsu has often been joked about as looking "a little gay"  they wrestle each other on the matt in a series of leg locks, arm bars choke, holds and submission moves.  While it doesn't look painful, you can easily brake someone's arm or make someone black out.

@PushOverProductions- Thanks for the constructive feedback, and the tutorial link- alot of good info in there.  I'm always looking to improve.  I don't disagree with you about the raptor fall.  I've recently acquired a new armature rig that may help in future projects.