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Cops (Go-Film 2013)


My entry to the GO-Film 2013 contest. A cop who keeps changing his mind

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Added to the playlist mini/smile

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Heh, that was a fun film. mini/wink I really liked the "Clap him in iron!/Clap him in plastic!" part. There were a few set bumps, but it was a very close set to animate in. Usually I don't like having such a small place to animate, it's just a set bump disaster waiting to happen.

Oh yeah, and congratulations on winning the Kingdom's series video contest. mini/wink

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Bump: Whilst I don't think this was a technically great entry, it had good humour in it, once or twice I actually laughed out loud which is always nice! I think if you animated on a more open set you'd have a better time with set bumps and it'd leave you open to a wider range of animation, as it was you had very little space.

Overall I think it was a fairly decent entry, keep it up! mini/smile

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