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Literal Man (Go-film)


Made for Onion's Go-film contest.

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That was funny! I loved the jokes and everything (and the post-credits bit), but the storyline has been done before...

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Mickey wrote:

but the storyline has been done before...

It has? The name Literal Man came from a nickname my dad gave me and I came up with the plot In the shower.

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It's a different name, but it's the same idea. I think I like your way best, though.

Have you seen a big-chinned boy?

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That one is pretty different (and isn't a brickfilm mini/wink ) The "hero" in that film is fighting misuse of the word literally while mine is one who unknowingly does the wrong thing because he took things literally.

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Bump: Just thought seeing as I messed up on the contest front I'd go through some brickfilms and review them, starting with yours.

To be honest I found this very enjoyable, it was well polished and a well done short; long enough to get in a few jokes and nice pieces of animation but at the same time not too long that it over-stays it's welcome. It wasn't laugh out loud funny but it was one of the more humorous films the contest produced.

I shall be looking forward to more of your work!

'look like it was shot at 2 FPS by a blindfolded five year old boy with broken fingers and no thumbs.' -PushOver
I'll be back animating soon! Exams and computer faults are keeping me away </3

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You didn't mess up (unless you caused your internet problems by accident mini/wink )
Thanks for the review mini/bigsmile   (this is one of those times a good positive review is better than a prize mini/smile )
I am hoping to finish a new film by the end of the month (depending on procrastination and homework)