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Walking Dead Ep 3


The Governor and Michonne have a final showdown in a world of zombies.

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Shot at 15 fps with a Canon Rebel T3i and Dragonframe, cut with Final Cut and After Effects... So what do you all think?

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I really love your lighting, it is always great. Of course the visual effects are top notch as usual, the set is very well made, and the animation is ok. With visual effects and sets like yours, the lower FPS doesn't take away from your brickfilms too much. Everyone has their own choice of frame rate, and I don't think its bad that some choose a lower FPS.

Anyways, I really do like this little series of yours! (Even though I have never watched the walking dead, its still enjoyable). Keep up the great work!

PS: The tank in the beginning was cool, by the way

no more brickfilming *sad face*.

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Great production values, but I think the animation let it down a bit. The copious amounts of fake blood were at odds with other slick effects, and some of it went by a little too fast to make sense. Great shot choice and lighting, too -- there was a lot more to like than to dislike!

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Thanks for all the positive comments! Frame rate is one thing I've been experimenting with, and for the last few projects I have been shooting at 15 fps, and trying to really capture nice sweeping movements.

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The opening title was pretty well done, but after that the animation just made a flop. It was way too choppy. You had some cool dynamic lighting and nice looking sets, but it all boils down to how you execute the animation.

A Life? Cool! Where can I download one of those from?