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Because I have way too many crystal blue LEGO pieces I decided to cook up Breaking Bad LEGO film for the beginning of the final episodes.

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Well, it certainly has many elements of STEAM in it, that's for sure.
I don't get any references to anything, and have never seem Breaking Bad, so I'm just going to take this at face value.

The animation is your usual goodness, but has a few jerk/jump points. (0:05, 0:11.) The camera work is good, but the shots at 0:15 and 0:26 looked odd, since they were one of the few without some kind of camera movement.

I'd say there was a bit too much smoke flowing out, and don't get the ending at all, but overall it was pretty good.
Although I'm sure others (Fans of the show) will get more out of this than I did.

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Your animation is much better than STEAM. Also, those detail shots with the camera shake and focus changed looked really good. The combination of those two elements really made those shots look realistic. The pacing and music was good as well. Having never seen Breaking Bad, I can't enjoy the ending or plot much sadly.

I think there were a few jerky movements, but the main shot that really looked odd or out of place was around :31 when the "crates" were being stacked. It was just really odd to see them suddenly jump up to place on the other side of the guy. Perhaps this is something seen in Breaking Bad and I'm just missing that.

Glad to see a new video from you! Looking forward to the next!

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Not bad, never seen breaking bad so no idea about the story, though I can kinda guess.

Your animation isn't bad, but when the jars jerk to the ground and to the table it gives the impression that you deleted frames instead of just time passing, which I assume is what you meant it to be.

Other than that, quite a well done movie.

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Just to clear somethings up. Breaking Bad uses a lot of jump cuts. I was doing my best to replicated the feel of the show montages. Also in Breaking Bad barrels filled with acid are used to dispose of bodies. I hope this helps to make the film make a little more sense to those who have not watch the show.