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A minifigure discovers something about himself and the outside world whilst having a conversation with a computer.

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Nicely executed, I really liked the mouse effect. The only effect I have is that it felt a bit too preachy.
BRAWL 2013 ENTRY Quack In Time
"Why in the world did you do a weird language if you know English?" - tenny1028

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Well, I pretty much second everything that jstudios said.

Great animation, as usual. Nice effects, (The in-shot nature set giving in a very nice 3-D effect.) and a bit too heavy-handed moral. It's nice to be kind to the environment, but it seems that message is getting blown-up and placed into everything, always making us humans look terrible.

The talking was inventive and realistic in a way, showing that spoken English will evolve over the years.
And while I liked the execution, the story got in the way a bit.

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Best entry I have seen so far. I loved the voice, and while I agree that at moments it feels preachy, it didn't bother me that much. Also, it probably wasn't intentional, but the last phrase and the minifig's reaction made me laugh (and that's actually why I liked it so much).