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Disney: If your seriously still going through with this stupid STUPID idea, then at least look at every single thing in the Expanded Universe (apart from Knights of the Old Republic) and ask yourself "Why does it suck?" Or, you can just watch this video and get the answer yourself.

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Re: LEGO Star Wars Episode 7

That was pretty funny, Max! Even though I am a Star Wars fan, I must say that a lot of that stuff is accurate- at least with the prequels.

Now, as for the film itself, the animation is pretty good. Not great, but it really fits this film-being a sarcastic parody. The light saber effect was  a little weird, though.

Overall, this was another really good film from you. Simple, but still really nice.
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Re: LEGO Star Wars Episode 7

I laughed at this.  This is the best film you've ever made. mini/smile

I'm still optimistic about episode 7, but I really liked this.

Re: LEGO Star Wars Episode 7

You know, I don't always agree with your views on things, but even I have to admit that this is genius.

Like many others, I'm slightly pessimistic about Episode 7, and may not even go watch it. It's going to leave a lot of unmet expectations, and it would probably have been a better idea to let the sleeping dog lie (And die) rather than turn it into a film-a-year franchise again.

As to this film, the lightsaber duel part was borderline hilarious, and the animation style and quality worked surprisingly well for that sequence. The overall quality seems much better than the last film of yours that I watched, and it's good to see the production quality get better and better.

I'm looking forward to seeing just how accurate this will turn out to be, and something tells me that the similarities will be many. You've done a great job.

Re: LEGO Star Wars Episode 7

If one more pessimistic film comes out about Star Wars 7, I may just have to give up on Star Wars mini/smile


Re: LEGO Star Wars Episode 7

I love reviews like the ones I'm getting because it reminds me exactly why I Brickfilm.

There is a tiny possibility that Episode 7 might be decent, but even if it is, it can still only be mediocre. What I'm trying to point out in this video is that Episode 7 is doomed from the start because this was a franchise that clearly and decisively ended with Episode 6, and all it can do from now on is potter around desperately trying to recapture the glory days via contrived nostalgia and sheer incompetence.

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Re: LEGO Star Wars Episode 7

I laughed a lot at this video mini/bigsmile Great work my good sir! Surprisingly accurate I must say.

Re: LEGO Star Wars Episode 7

Oh, this is too much. mini/lol This is pretty much exactly what I would expect from the new Star Wars films.

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Re: LEGO Star Wars Episode 7

very good

very very good

good job max

you did it

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Re: LEGO Star Wars Episode 7

you know what, i dont even need to go see episode 7 because its likely this is better
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