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The Philippian Jailor


The Apostle Paul has a dream of a Macedonian pleading for help. Seeing this as a sign to preach the gospel in that region, he and Silas set out. Little do they know that their step of faith will lead to great trials that will be the seed for the first Gentile church!

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Great intro, it gives a hint of drama, and sets a nice tone.
The walk cycle is a bit rough, and choppy, I think you're forgetting a frame somewhere. (Either the in-between frame, or the one right afterwards.) There needed to be a bit more to the demon leaving the girl, there was no effect, she didn't collapse, or anything. Maybe a bigger contrast between pre and post demon movements/voice would have helped.

The animation is so-so, some of it is better than other bits, but it's still a bit choppy. Is it 12FPS by any chance?
I like the costumes for the roman leaders, what are the red parts made of?
The sets are nice, but do have a tendency (As most large sets do) of being a bit on the plain side.
Argh, flesh-toned bodies on yellow figures. My eyes are burning. mini/eh

The earthquake's shaky cam could have used a bit more random movements, and the side-to-side got old quick. (Although the breaking wall effect was great!)
The CGI water could have used a bit of work, and the reflections were off.

I liked it, it was longer, more involved, more developed and more substantial than 90% of the brickfilms I've seen.
The singing could have been better, or cut off sooner, and the pacing overall wasn't perfect.
But it's got a good message, and I'm always looking for more biblical films.

Good job!

Re: The Philippian Jailor

Thanks for the helpful critique. For the red parts of the magistrates' clothing I used red poster board which I darkened with marker and used a fine-tip marker for the fold designs.With the walking cycle, that was because of how I did it, as with the rest of the animation it has to do in part with putting it online (the original is a bit smoother). It was filmed at 15 FPS. I didn't make the it more dramatic when the demon left the girl because I didn't want to make it more than what the Bible passage said. (In other places the reaction was like you said but this passage doesn't speak of such an effect. I was afraid it might be too much with what I already did, but I knew I had to do something.)

I was afraid someone would notice the flesh-toned torsos, but I couldn't find any other good beat up cloths. And with the CGI water I tried to make it look better but no matter what I did that was the best I could do and I didn't want to leave that part out.

As for more biblical films I'm with you there, I wish there where more out there too.

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Re: The Philippian Jailor

I was really happy to see another longer brickfilm (and to be a part of it mini/smile ), it's so nice to have a more full story that you can immerse yourself in, even if it was a bit slow at times. Pritchard hit all the main points, the slightly rough animation etc; I agree with everything he said. The thing is none of the problems were bad enough to really distract from the story, or prevent watching the film from being an enjoyable experience. Overall it was quite good, I really did enjoy it, and good on you for making a longer film. I really hope we see more around, I know a few people on here, including myself, are working on some.


Re: The Philippian Jailor

Nice really like it. The camera focus looked a bit of in some shots.And also some shots seemed a bit high looking down a bit low. The lighting was really nice though. I also really nice to see some longer brick films based on the bible.

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