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The Good Samaritan (School Project)


A 5 minute video I made to represent the meaning of the parable of the good Samaritan. It is not funny, nor am I that happy with the final result, but it took 2 weeks, and for this video, (which was part 1 out of 3 in our assignment) I got a 50 out of 50, so I can't complain. It's not funny, nor is it supposed to be. I had a little bit of an audio mistake, so I'm sorry for that.

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Re: The Good Samaritan (School Project)

Oh my, all those typos in the opening titles are driving the grammar nazi inside of me insane. mini/tongue

OK, it's the story of a guy helping out his neighbor, so I guess it has an element or two in common with parable, and the guiding principle being shown is the same, but that's about it. If you want to say "Inspired by" that's fine, but....Oh, wait, you said "represent the meaning of" never mind. mini/eh

In that case, I wouldn't have tricked people with a title promising something else. "The good neighbor" would have been a much more accurate choice, that wouldn't have set the wrong expectations. But enough on that.

The animation was jerky and didn't ease out/in that much, and while you can do only so much in two weeks, I think the animation quality is something that really needs to be good, if nothing else. The sets are not that impressive or expansive, (And the baseplate as a background shots didn't help.) but that just develops with a larger, better collection. The voice acting is so-so, and there's camera bumps, but again, a rushed production does lend itself to flaws like that.

The plot is a bit forced, and generally I wasn't that impressed with the way the characters were handled. The first guy seemed to help the other fellow simply because the plot demanded it, and not because of any pity/concern he may have felt. Also, Guy #2's repenting didn't really go anywhere, as it was the other guy who had to get over his prestigious feelings.

A more accurate re-telling of the story would have helped some of the problems, but the production flaws still would have hurt things. But you got a great score, and that's what really matters with this, right? It's great that you're trying to tell something Biblical for school, but there are better ways of conveying the ideas. mini/wink

Re: The Good Samaritan (School Project)

Yes, I definitely agree with all of what you said. The beginning titles were done last minute, so I didn't do a good job on them. In general, I am not very proud of this animation. One main reason is because it was not supposed to be comical, which is something I am very unfamiliar with, so that could be a reason that the voice acting wasn't good. To be honest, the only part I'm proud of, is the very beginning. When the character was searching through the fridge and so on. I was very happy with the way the fridge door slam went at the end of the scene. The next few scenes in my opinion sucked. I only have a certain amount of lego, and most of the scenes called for more than what I had, and the plot may have been a bit rushed because I kind of went with where I was at. So I would do a scene, then write the plot for the next one and etc. When I was on the last day, I was only half way to the 5 minute minimum length, so it definitely rushed, the plot, and the animation. This animation, is one i am not proud of, but as I said, I am never doing another animation for school because of it.

Thanks for your feedback mini/smile

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