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FEEL the Ground.

Basically, it was a lighting test, but it turned out to be a funny little film.

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That's cool. That's real cool. mini/bigsmile

It was a little difficult, for me, to tell how exactly you did that. Did you use clay to stick the hands into Top Hat Guy's legs? Also, the lighting was good.

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Nice! I liked it, but the blur intensity is a bit high.

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Thank you.

Mickey wrote:

Did you use clay to stick the hands into Top Hat Guy's legs?

Yes, exactly.

Legocloniac477 wrote:

but the blur intensity is a bit high.

I thought it was perfect (like in a Christopher Nolan movie).

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Soooo you're going to show us how you did it right? haha

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I loved the lighting; it made the scene appear dark while still making it clear enough to see everything (I'm guessing you used blue light?).  The background was really nice as well (was it CGI or brick-built)?

As for the film itself, it was hilarious (though slightly disturbing mini/tongue ).  And, if you have to remove your hands from your arms, I'm not exactly sure how useful Hand'Shoes would be (unless you want to play piano with your toes.... mini/tongue )

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No CGI... The background is brick-built.

Here's the set:

As you can see in this picture, the LED lights are off:

The lights are now turned on:

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I envy your microscale building talents.


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Wow, you have really improved since the first time I saw your films. (Lego Bowling) Nicely done.

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Why am I disturbed by this?


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I'd rather watch this commercial on tv, than the regular commercials. Awesome! mini/yes

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Amazing… That's all I can say. mini/jaw

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It's got a really great feel to it, I love the music, and the concept is good too. Your use of minifigure baseplates is brilliant, I might have to borrow that idea!

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Hey Loïc,

this is so amazing that if it would be a commercial for Hand'Shoes, I'd totally buy them!

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