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My second entry into the LEGO Movie Contest over on ReBrick. I need YOUR help to get into the judging stage! I'd greatly appreciate it if you would go over to ReBrick's website, make an account, and click "like" on my entry. It won't be approved for non-members a few more hours probably, so you'll have to make an account before the link works. Here is the link where you like it: … ry-/uf7paq

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Do you feature the brick bunny in every one of your films?

Overall, solid entry! I liked it better than the other one. Animation is just as great though.

Good luck in the contest!

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That explosion was quite cute. (If I dare use the word.)

I'd say this one is paced about the same as the other one, but the other chooses its shots better.
When comparing the two side-by-side, the other has a better build-up to the break-down, while this one jumps right into it. But while this one showcases the creation's fuctions more, it also gets distracted over to Mr. Bunny. The other burns a bit too much time pre-break-down, but the nice pan covers the base at the end and once things get going they go very well. While here, we get several, nice shots of the thing, but a slow, leisurely ending. If you don't mind my saying so, I think I prefer the first one, as it concentrates a bit more on the creation, and the building thereof.

The animation is flawless as always, although the bricks at '0:06' could have been hidden better. The cannon shot/explosion is great, and the break-down is as amazing as the first one. The cinematography is great,and it's avery nice short!

And yes, I voted for this one too!

Re: Creative Campers

@topit - Thanks! And no, I don't. They've only been in The Magic Seeds, Picnic, and this one if I remember correctly.

@Pritchard - Interesting breakdown and I agree with you partially. It doesn't have much of a buildup at all and might suffer as a stand alone video because of that. Still, because of the nature of the contest I think this entry would be the better of the two and the more likely to win. I'm biased though, cause I prefer this one. mini/lol Glad that you like it though and I really appreciate the comments and voting for them!

As far as the bricks on the ground go, I didn't intend to hide them, though I might could have done this. And spending less time on the bunny and more on a build up might have been a good idea. It's quite different in that respect in comparison to my first entry as you pointed out. Perhaps it's good that I have two entries that have a nice amount of differences, as it'll give me more chance with the judges I suppose.