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A new superhero has come to town, though, I'm not sure you could really call him as much as that.

Staring a Repelling Spider:

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Hahaha, this is hilarious.  The animation was smooth and I liked the way the sets assembled.  Though he seems a bit like a supervillain, seeing how he traps the "casual guy"... mini/tongue

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I love all your films, and this was no exception. mini/yes There was just a tad bit of light flicker though it was barely noticable next to the fantastic animation. Overall, I hooe to see Set Man again soon... Maybe. mini/lol

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Wow, thank-you guys mini/bigsmile I probably wouldn't of released it if it wasn't for Repelling Spider. Before then, I didn't think it was good enough for YouTube; so yeah, thanks Repelling Spider mini/wink

The light flicker actually occurs afterward when I am editing it in Vegas pro 10, it's something to do with me placing a still image on to the film and for some reason, veges displays the image in a lower quality then the film even know the image is actually higher quality than the video AVI.
I don't know why this is so any explanation would be appreciated. mini/smile

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This was great. I was entertained throughout the whole thing. The sounds were great. The animation smooth. The dialogue was nice. Great story. blahblahblah blah I liked it and went on Youtube just to like it. mini/bigsmile

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Thanks for the feedback!
Glad you like it mini/smile