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Greetings fellow filmers of the brick. I recently began production on a Spiderman series and, as I don't have the voice actors needed to film any of the big scenes, I began some work on the heavy VFX scenes of Spiderman swinging through New York... then I realized everything I was trying for Spideys webs look awfull

I run Sony Vegas Pro 9 so I'm quite well equip for this kind of thing, but I have no idea on how I should make them. I've began thinking I should use the webbing you get in the official Spiderman sets but do some tinkering on them to make them look better. I need your input as doing this alone is hurting my brain

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Hi There

I have a bit of an idea mini/confused

You could make a rig with a green screen and put the web pieces on the rig and do a heap of different angles with spider man swinging then separately build the city streets full scale and take heaps of shots. Then while editing green screen spiderman swinging.

It's worth a try! mini/bigsmile

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You always may use white wool string. (I don't mean the clothes strings mini/lol)