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Adventures of Lego Minecraft Part 2


Part two of an ongoing series featuring the official minecraft set and Steve with arms!


Re: Adventures of Lego Minecraft Part 2

Whoa....That was amazing.

I was super-impressed by all the silky-smooth animation, and all on smooth surfaces to boot!
There was a bit of light-flicker, but the rest sure makes up for it.
The new Steve design is creative and simple, and the way you animated him really brought him to life.
(In more than one way)

The dragon was a big surprise, and the ending was intriguing, so the story went quite well.
You did a great job with the sound-mixing, and cinematography was excellent.
Overall, very, very well done!

Re: Adventures of Lego Minecraft Part 2

That was really, really good! The plot was a bit odd, but I enjoyed it none the less. The animation, especially the walking, was buttery-smooth, and the whole scene with the (Ender?) Dragon was brilliantly done. The little sounds really added to the animation as a whole. I really liked the explosion of light and the frantic camera work.

The only thing that I can criticise is some light flicker - even then, it actually added to the mood of the piece.

Very enjoyable,

Re: Adventures of Lego Minecraft Part 2

Nice film!
The ending was a really big surprise, with the appearance of the Ender Dragon and Herobrine.
The Ender Dragon was extremely well animated.
I give it a 9.5/10

Re: Adventures of Lego Minecraft Part 2

Thanks guys mini/bigsmile

On the light flicker - that would be a result of my poor set placement next to a window, and the fact that I animated during the day sometimes, also causing the strange bluish light effect occasionally. It may also be due to my camera lens, but generally that's not a huge problem.

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