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the third episode in literally...

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About eight seconds of animation, and ten of titles.

The first shots of the guy talking probably should have been cut down to two cuts, not three. With three, each one was pretty short. The animation was good, but you've got a bit of a set-bumping problem, and a little light-flicker got in somehow. I think there were some camera bumps too, but really, the main problem is lack of substance. It had one, not that funny joke, and a bunch of titles. You would have been better off giving it more of a build-up, and making the film around thirty seconds in length.
Still, your animation is improving a lot, so I'm looking forward to your next film.

Re: Literally EP3

first, thanks for posting the proper like.. mini/bigsmile

thanks for your feed back, yeah, I noticed a bit of a bump... I'm not to worried about that stuff cause in about 2 weeks where moving to a place where I'll be animating with a tripod on concrete floors! that'll be much better...

light flicker is still an issue... ok... not to sure what I can do about that...

thanks mate all the same... I'll keep trying....