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A story about a goofy Officer, a greedy Criminal and an angry Boss.

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WTF LOL. I loved it man. Great sets and really
funny LOL. I liked seeing Captain America
Boozing it up. Great job.

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Thank you, Antonio! mini/bigsmile a lot of effort went into this so I'm glad you had fun mini/smile

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To be honest, the voice acting wasn't that good (mostly just in the first scene). But, the animation made up for that.  Overall, a fine job, Larry. mini/wink However, I highly doubt that a normal person would go around, in public, holding $100 in the air, chanting "I got money! I got money!" though. mini/tongue

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Have you seen a big-chinned boy?

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Ha ha thanks, Mickey! The person singing about the money was a reference to Michael Scott's song from The Office mini/smile

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Feedback is more than welcome guys mini/smile I've received 9 ratings so far but only 2 comments. Our BiM system is thriving (sarcasm intended). It would be interesting to hear why this film ended up with a 2.9/5 brick rating... May not be a perfect 5 brick movie but I believe it's better than 3/5. If there's something really wrong with it I need to know.