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WWII Short #3


Pew pew pew. Just another short, violent, WWII short film.

Also just a warning, it does contain fairly excessive violence.

What do you think of the spinning shot at :43? I built the whole set on smooth tiles with a single rotating tile in the center, then simply spun the set. I messed up the momentum a bit at the end of it though.
Feedback and whatnot is appreciated!

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This is pretty cool. I really like the second to last shot where the camera zooms in a focuses on the gun. It's simple but it looks really neat. I loved the spinning shot too, but like you said, there should've been some smoothening out at the end. One thing that kinda bugged me throughout the video were the muzzle flashes. The muzzle flashes themselves looked really nice, but the light reflected on the set and figures didn't match. The flashes were an orange-ish yellow while the reflected light was blue. I'd suggest using a different colored flashlight or doing them in post if you have the means/patience. But besides that, I really liked it. Keep up the great work!

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Compared to your other videos I was not overly impressed withb this one.
The blood effect did not have the effect I think you were hoping it would have.

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Thanks for the feedback fellas. Glad you liked it.

@MouseDroid - I agree completely with the muzzle flash thing. I was using an LED flashlight, which was a terrible idea. I plan on doing them in post now, but I filmed most of this short before I got AE. & By the way, your recent VFX test, "Another VFX Test" looks awesome! Keep up the good work! Maybe you could show me how you did it mini/tongue

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Shooting Nazis at its simplest and most direct. You're probably one of the best at gore in Brickfilms (I'm not sure what kind of compliment that is, but it is a compliment nonetheless).

The spinning shot is the highlight. Wasn't distracted by the muzzle flashes, although if they can be improved then brilliant.

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I'm pretty sure the last bit goes against the Geneva Convention, but otherwise, as far as WWII Brickfilms go, it was pretty good (especially the spin). The muzzle flashes were a bit monotonous, but they did their job none the less. I found the lack of substance/overall plot a bit a annoying, but that is to be expected of these "short, violent, WWII short film[s]" mini/lol

Good Job

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Yeah, it was pretty good. There were quite a few shots that I really loved (opening shot, the focus on gun shot at the end of the video and etc.) I wish you made something WW2 related that made more sense though, you certainly have the skills and equipment to do so mini/wink I gave it a 4 because it lacked story.

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Thanks for the input guys, I agree that a decent length war film with an apparent plot definitely would be more interesting. I've been making these WW2 shorts more or less as tests to try out new techniques, like the spin shot and After Effects, etc. And for my own enjoyment as well.

I do hope to make a decent length war film with a story in the near future though...