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Cold Comfort was begun in March of 2004 for the High Adventure Theatre Competition on, and then lost completely when my computer "blew up" in July, meaning it was never entered. With a great story and the brilliant voice acting I decided that the film had to be remade. I hope you enjoy what has takenI hope you enjoy what took me nearly 2 years of work! - Brand New Website Up And Running!
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I love the voice of the professor. mini/bigsmile I lol'ed at the yeti.

Great story, well worth the watch. mini/smile

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Is this another test for the directory?

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the green screen could have been better in some parts.
I can't tell if it was a boy or a girl that voiced Betty.

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livinglego wrote:

I can't tell if it was a boy or a girl that voiced Betty.

Most assuredly, 'twas a girl who 'voiced' Betty. mini/wink

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Woah, I haven't seen this in ages, what a blast from the past! 
I almost fell off my chair laughing when the hunter said "Hey, that's my monkey!"  Oh man, that needs to be brought back into brickfilms again.  The film is just as fun as it always was, and though it's not perfect, it's got a surprisingly well defined sense of comedic-timing.  Some of the effects were pretty cool, and hey, it's just entertaining! mini/smile

Blast from the Past? Or Beleaguered Mediocrity from the Past?

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We need to get this film back online.

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Here you go

(and here is the trailer, which has some of the subsequently lost footage)

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The effects and comedy were good. All-star cast of actors there!
The climate change theme is relevant still in 2020.
Brickfilms of today have smoother animations and camera quality though.

Is there a more modern rstudios website? The link in the signature leads nowhere