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A Green Unveiling

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And you thought Santa brought you presents...

This was all scripted, built, shot, edited and uploaded in one day as part of THAC X. My first THAC, and I had a lot of fun, working 15 hours straight mini/bigsmile

Camera: Logitech C615
Capture Program: Dragonframe
Editing: Sony Vegas Pro 12
Snow/Dream VFX: HitFilm 2 Ultimate

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Re: [THAC X] A Green Unveiling

Robin! Hi! Never haven't see you here. We have talked via YouTube with my other accounts: (Medalyard and LordLajakaStudios) and I always bored when should to make a film, but no I'm doing films with my big brother and that's a much better way! mini/smile

But for the film: It was fantastic and good to see something new from you! mini/wink

Re: [THAC X] A Green Unveiling

Well, haven't been really active here - trying to do better though mini/wink Thanks! mini/smile

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Haha! Do you even remember me? Or any memories for talking with me via YouTube? mini/lol

Re: [THAC X] A Green Unveiling

I do! Sometimes hard to remember which username belongs to which person, but I certainly remember you. mini/bigsmile

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Haha! Nice. mini/smile

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Haha That was amusing.  The animation was very nice, and I enjoyed the cartoony style of it.