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THAC X: I Cannot Tell Them


Made for THAC 10, you may notice that at the end I stopped animating dialogue, I really couldn't care anymore as I was tired and already having a hard time.

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Re: [THAC X] I Cannot Tell Them

I Cannot Tell Them is I guess a "historical drama" of sorts. The story is good, and told well (though the ending felt weird and rushed). I love the fact Binding Brick used several settings and scenes in this film - you don't see this too often in THAC entries. Stray observation: that cat animal thingie gave me a chuckle. Overall, I think the project was a bit too ambitious, though: not only was the ending weird, but the film could also have benefited from more attention to the sound. The voice acting was fine, but the sound effects were incredibly sparse. All in all, I Cannot Tell Them is a good THAC entry.