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THAC X: Le Special


Created in under 24 hours for THAC
Fun fact: This was the longest I've ever spent animating in a single go, which is 7 hours.  Plus that was during an all-nighter. But it was finished well ahead of schedule, with plenty of time to spare mini/smile
Most of the sound was created with foley work in that time as well.
It's also my first THAC.


Re: [THAC X] Le Special

I love the concept behind this film.  You had a great sense of timing in your animation and the subtle visual gags made me laugh.  Good job!

Re: [THAC X] Le Special

Le Special is one of the funnier brickfilms that have come out of this year's THAC. The voice acting is great, and the story is told in a visually funny and pleasing way. I particularly loved the creativeness of the chef's expressions and animation style towards the end. The only downsides are some of the technical aspects: the animation was choppy at times, and the film suffered from light flicker issues. Overall I would say that this is one of the best THAC entries of this year.