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It's About Time-A THAC 10 Entry


My rushed entry into THAC 10.

If it's blocked for you because of copyright, here's a new version:

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"This video contains content from EMI, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds"

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It said the same for me mini/dizzy

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Sorry about that. If it's blocked for you, I uploaded a new version with non-copyrighted music:

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You can now watch the THACumentary here:

Also, I'd really appreciate some feedback...

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OK, I like good time travel stories, but this one's was kinda....odd.
But thankfully for ya'll, I won't start going into the complex theories of time travel paradoxes, and how real time-travel would never happen like that. mini/wink
*I lied, but at least I put that in spoiler tags.]

Three minutes of animation is pretty good for THAC, but you committed one of the worst possible offenses in brickfilming...You mixed yellow and fleshies. The sets were basic, but effective. The concept was OK, and the execution was good, but there didn't seem to be any change to the present once the child went back in time. (The post-apocolypse setting could be a result, but could have just as easily occurred without the child. And illegal actions take place nowadays even without time travel, so that seemed like a pretty lame consequence.)

I didn't really get the ending...

Spoiler (click to read)

So the kid just went back in time and took out the time machine before the entire story happened?

Going by that logic, said kid would never even go back in time since he destroyed the very device that sent him back. And doing that would result in a paradox that rip a hole in the universe the size of Belgium!.....Maybe. You could also argue that if the time guy went back and took out the machine, then they never would have had time travel, his group never would have formed, and he never would have stopped it in the first place.
OK, I'm a Whovian, I over-think any and all time-travel stories.

But taking it all at face value, it's OK...Albeit a little confusing. mini/wink 

Also, thanks for the THACumentary, I like behind-the-scenes stuff. But what was up with the frame-rate?
Here's some advice for next year: GET OFF SKYPE! It will help a lot with the quality of your entry.